Apex Pro Nitrile Exam Gloves

As emergency medical professionals, trustworthy gloves become a necessity. Since gloves are used for personal protection, they are imperative in ensuring germs are not transmitted from patients to emergency medical personnel. Germs can be transmitted through blood, bodily fluids, bodily tissues, mucous membranes, and broken skin. Without reliable gloves, medical professionals can be exposed to potentially harmful microbes and are more susceptible to serious illnesses.

The Apex Pro Nitrile Exam Gloves were designed with you in mind. The Apex Pro Exam Gloves offer the ultimate protection with their 2-Ply maximum strength design. For comfort, a pH balanced coating was added to reduce skin irritation and perspiration. These gloves also feature a non-stick coating which can resist bonding to the strong adhesive used on I.V. Dressings! Additionally, the Apex Pro’s offer easy detection of tears with a black interior, and its white exterior provides hi-vis contrast in the presence of potentially hazardous bodily fluids.

We understand that emergency medical professionals are put into dangerous situations in the line of duty, which is why we only offer top of the line, high quality equipment.

Puncture Resistance
pH Balanced Coating
EaseOff Non-Stick Formula
Hi-Vis Exterior
High Contrast Interior
Reduced Hand Fatigue
Improves Dexterity

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