Introducing an Exclusive First Look at the Novaerus Protect Line of Air Purifiers

Novaerus Protect 200 Air Disinfection Unit 

QuadMed is proud to announce an exclusive first look partnership with Novaerus for the launch of their innovative Protect Line of Air Purifiers. This versatile unit offers superior protection against airborne pathogens using patented NanoStrike technology. Designed to provide continuous air dis-infection and odor control in indoor spaces Novaerus Protect Air Purifiers offers a powerful one-strike inactivation process, yet is gentle enough for use all day.

Your First Line of Protection Against Airborne Viruses and Bacteria

While hand hygiene and surface disinfection have been the standard for infection control, today’s world needs a stronger approach. Larger infectious particles can drop from the air to contaminate surfaces and hands, while infection aerosols can remain suspended and viable in the air stream over longer period of time. The Novaerus Protect Air Purifier eliminates this threat at the source, helping to keep emergency workers and patients safer.

Novaerus Air Purifiers Offer:

  • Kills microorganisms at the source
  • Damages and inactivates at the DNA level in a sub-second time frame
  • Prevents future antimicrobial resistance development
  • Safe for continuous use, even around vulnerable patients
  • Can be placed on any surface, all units are free standing: smaller units may be wall-mounted, larger units have wheels for mobility
  • Plugs into any standard outlet
  • Efficacy is independently tested and proven

Offering Powerful Protection with Great Return on Investment

Novaerus air purifiers use an ultra-low energy motor, requiring less power than a light bulb offering a negligible effect on your energy bill. Additionally, there are no maintenance requirements and no replacement components, offering a hassle-free experience.  These air purifiers feature a plug and play experience, with consistent performance throughout their lifecycle, straight out of the box. They can reduce the need for PPE in lower-risk areas while providing an extra layer of support and reduction in high risk locales.

This unit has no harmful by-products and no capture field for the colonization of bacterial or fungal spores with no biohazard wastes that can lead to a secondary level infection. This process has been independently tested showing a deactivation of the smallest of airborne viruses, bacteria, mold spores and VOC, including reducing MS2 bacteriophage by 99.99%, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid-19.

Explore Nanostrike Technology

NanoStrike Process

Infection control at the speed of lightning, NanoStrike uses an atmospheric plasma discharge to kill and deactivate harmful airborne microorganisms. This unique technology uses several concurrent processes to attack the cell membrane, DNA and protein with an electromagnetic field, UV and heat radiation with charged particles and finally by creating osmotic pressure, which causes the cell to burst. This destroys the cell’s ability to self-heal and eliminates the opportunity for Antimicrobial Resistance to develop. 

Novaerus Protect 800/900 Air Disinfection Unit

Novaerus' new line of Protect Air Filters offer best in class solutions to protect and defend your staff and patients. Around the world healthcare providers are noticing the differences that this technology makes with a reduction in employee sick time, reduced upper respiratory infections and even a decrease in the number of days that C-diff patients needed to stay in isolation. Staff also noticed a general improvement in air quality from an elimination of unpleasant odors and increased feeling of a fresh air environment compared to before introducing the Novaerus Air Purifier.


Introducing The Quantum EMS Solution Containment Stretcher

The Quantum EMS Solution Containment Stretcher is used for transporting contaminated patients requiring medical attention. The isolation cell is under negative pressure relative to surrounding areas to prevent leakage into the environment of pathogenic microorganisms. This negative pressure is provided by a filter engine attached to the foot end of the unit. Its flat base enables it to be used in conjuction with many medical cots and patient transportation devices.

Product Features

  • The enclosure is made of 300 micron polyurethane
  • A waterproof zip for opening and closing the cell
  • Three input filters for filtering the outside air but also prevents if any air outlet point deletions
  • Three air intake filters coupled to the vacuum motor
  • Suction engine capacity 160 liters/ Autonomy 8H
  • Two boxes of gloves to allow for manipulation to the patient
  • Two sealing plugs for passing pipes (infusions/mask high concentration)
  • Four patient straps
  • Two stretcher straps
  • Carrying Handles

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Introducing BreathRite Valved Holding Chamber (VHC)

The BreathRite Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) from Ventlab combines design advantages with portability to provide both effective medication delivery and potentially increased patient use.

Product Features:

  • Anti-static chamber enables effective medication delivery
  • Designed to promote greater drug volume output
  • Inspiratory aperture ensure proper inspiratory rate
  • Chamber design eliminates the need for a flow signal since whistling signals are shown to confuse users filter, Circulaire II provides a closed system. These attributes benefit both patient and provider - improved clinical outcomes for the patient, less risk of exposure to exhaled aerosols for the provider.

Introducing Circulaire® II High-Efficiency Aerosol Drug Delivery System

In today’s health care environment, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste are more important than ever. This increased efficiency must be achieved without compromising patient care. The Circulaire® II High-Efficiency Aerosol Drug Delivery System delivers equivalent drug delivery with improved clinical outcomes, in a fraction of the time - and with less waste of medication.

The unique lightweight reservoir captures aerosol during the patient’s expiratory phase and retains it for “On-Demand Delivery” during the subsequent inspiratory phase. The combination of aerosolized medicine generated by the VixOne nebulizer, and that which is inhaled from the reservoir ensures the maximum percentage of a patient’s tidal volume is medicated.

Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) therapy drives air into the lungs and behind the mucus using collateral airways. PEP therapy can easily be incorporated when using Circulaire II as it is included as a standard feature. Set the expiratory variable resistor to the minimal opening and you have simulated pursed lip breathing as part of the delivery system.

The computerized animation demonstrates how the Circulaire II operates and why it has superior performance. During the exhalation phase, exhaled air (yellow) holds the one-way flapper valve shut and directs the exhalation out through the filter and the variable expiratory resistor. Meanwhile, the nebulizer, which is operating continuously, inflates the reservoir bag with its aerosol output.

When the subsequent inhalation begins, the patient inhales and receives aerosol from BOTH the nebulizer and the reservoir bag (light blue).

Consequently, there is little or no room air entrainment to dilute the inspired aerosol. Because the patient receives aerosol from two sources simultaneously (nebulizer plus reservoir), the inhaled mass of drug to the patient is approximately double what the patient would receive from any other non-reservoir device.

Understanding this set of repetitive steps that occur during inhalation and exhalation within the Circulaire system, as depicted in the animation above, is key to appreciating how the device is able to perform so much better than all other disposable jet nebulizers.

The Circulaire II can be administered with the use of a mask or mouthpiece. By design, the Westmed swivel mask alleviates cumbersome posturing of the patient as this unique characteristic allows you to accommodate your patient’s position. These features plus others make for a very versatile and universal pulmonary drug delivery system.

The system includes a detachable reservoir bag. Bag replacement simplifies the delivery of a variety of aerosolized medicines such as bronchodilator therapy, antibiotic therapy, mucolytics, antifungals, etc.

Traditional SVN’s typically release a high percentage of aerosol to the environment during the patient’s exhalation phase. Depending on the patient’s inspiratory/expiratory ratio, Circulaire II can deliver up to 300 percent more aerosolized medicated flow volume than the best continuous or breath-actuated nebulizers.

Two of the standard features included with the Circulaire II make this device the ideal product for hospital and home care use. Through the use of the reservoir and expiratory


Introducing FiltaMask™ Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask

The FiltaMask Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask combines an oxygen delivery system with a filter media covering the exhalation ports. FiltaMask is intended for use on patients with respiratory infections who may be a source of aerosolised infectious pathogens and who also require supplementary oxygen.

Patients with respiratory infections have specific needs and yet pose a specific risk. Conventional oxygen masks can generate a plume of particles from their exhalation ports, which can travel a distance of 0.4 metres resulting in a potential risk.

The FiltaMask is designed to reduce the risk to paramedics, hospital staff and visitors.

Features and Benefits Include:
  • Incurved face seal providing improved level of fit and comfort
  • On-chin positioning providing a better fit to a wider range of face shapes
  • Low elastic position eliminating trauma to the patient's ears
  • Integral filter media reducing the risk of escaping aerosols


Introducing XDcuff® Reusable Limb Restraints

XDcuff® Reusable Limb Restraints greatly reduce the risk of injury by simply reducing the amount of time EMS providers spend with uncooperative patients. Improve treatment and on-scene times when treating confused and agitated patients.

Product Benefits:

  • Greatly reduces the risk of injury, to EMS providers and patients, by reducing the amount of time spent with uncooperative patients
  • Improves on-scene times when treating confused and agitated patients
  • Use of a standard application plan helps eliminate any confusion on how or where to anchor restraints
  • Improves safety without the high cost
  • Lowers patient liability

XDcuff® has been developed out of necessity and efficiency. We offer your facility this system at a competitive price.

The innovative design change pre-connect the restraints to the stretcher for fast access and deployment during emergencies. No more time wasted searching, looping, or tying special knots. Eliminating these steps has proven to greatly reduce restraint times providing for a much safer and more effective work environment. 

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