Introducing the ELK Lifting Cushion!

The ELK is a compact, battery powered lifting cushion. If someone falls over they can shuffle on to the cushion, or be rolled on from the recovery position and assisted to sit upright. The Elk can then be inflated at the touch of a button with someone supporting the individual from behind to bring them to a raise seated position ready to stand. 

Easy to Use

  • Lifting cushion is inflated using an Airflo Compressor with a simple hand control
  • Simple to use, requiring very little training
  • Suitable for use inside or out
  • Can be used by one carer
Safe Lifting
  • Lifts the frailest person up to 70 stone / 450kg from the floor
  • Exceptionally rigid and stable
  • Ideal for carers of individuals with neurological disorders who fall regularly
Simple to Maintain
  • Clean using a proprietary non-abrasive mild liquid cleaner
  • Easy to deflate, fold away and store
  • Does not need a LOLER certificate
Improves Well-being
  • Provides a safe, dignified lift for a fallen person
  • Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury for the carer
  • Can be used in confined spaces where traditional lifting equipment may not fit


O-Two E-Series Ventilators, Available at QuadMed!

Introducing the e-Series Ventilators from O-Two!
The e-Series Ventilators from O-Two simply cannot be compared to any other ventilators on the market. The e-Series requires very minimal control adjustments during the patient setup process, which allows medical responders to initiate patient resuscitation faster than ever. These units are equipped with preset start-up modes, meaning medical responders simply select the patient size and immediately initiate ventilation. These units simply require attachment to a regulated supply of oxygen and a transport ventilation circuit for immediate use. These models also feature continuous monitoring of ventilation parameters, giving pre-hospital and in-hospital healthcare professionals confidence in the equipment and guarantees that the device is fully functional and ready for immediate use at all times.
The unique features the e-series has to offer does not stop there. Not only is this product  line extremely advanced and efficient, it is also very economical! The e-series ventilators are manufactured with a long lasting, easily replaceable battery which can be charged without being removed from the ventilator. This advanced technology permits healthcare professionals to seamlessly provide patients with controlled ventilation over extended time periods. In addition, the e-series ventilators are extremely fuel efficient, which makes this product ideal for extended transports where oxygen and electrical resources are a primary concern.
Additional Features:
• Offers ICU level care while maintaining a simplistic user interface
• Day and night lighting modes
• Designed for use on multiple patient sizes, ranging from infant to large adult
• Small, lightweight packaging
• Visual and audible alarms to warn users of any patient or device parameter changes
• Range in Tidal Volumes and ventilation rates for improved patient care
• Ventilation modes include protected airway CPR and mask mode
• Two year warranty against manufacturer defects
• Circuit Control Source: Electric
• Power Source: Compressed Oxygen
• Patient Size Range: 6 Kg to Large Adult
• Ventilation modes: SIMV w/PSV, A/C (VCV,PCV), BiLVLl w/PSV, CPAP w/PSV, Mask CPR (MCPR) Intubated CPR (ICPR) Adult/Child/Infant Quick Start Mode
• Minute Volume (L): Calculated
• Tidal Volume (ml): 50 – 2000
• Quick Start Mode Default VT/BPM: Adult 500/10 Child 250/15, Infant 100/20
• Ventilation Frequency: 5 – 60
• Manually triggered Ventilation: Yes
• PEEP (cm H2O): Adjustable 0 – 20
• CPAP (cm H2O):Adjustable 4 – 20
• O2 (%) (FiO2): 60 or 100 (0.6 – 1.0)
• I:E Ratio: Adjustable (1:6 to 3:1)
• Ti (sec.): 0.14 – 9.0
• Pmax (cm H2O): 10 – 80
• Pmin (cm H2O):0 – 20
• PSV (cm H2O): 4 – 40
• PCV (cm H2O): 4 – 50
• Trigger sensitivity (L/min): 3 – 15
• Inhalation Pressure (cm H2O): 4 – 50
• Pressure Support Termination: 20% – 80% of max. flow
• Apnea back up time (sec.): Adjustable 10 – 60
• Battery Operating time: 18 hours for default settings
•Built-in Battery charger: Yes
• A/C power adapter: 100-240VAC/ 19VDC, 4.74A
• Patient circuit: O-Two electronic ventilator circuit
• Mounting Bracket: Multi-configuration bracket
• Display Type: 4.3″ Color TFT Screen
• Live monitoring: Vm, vt, Paw (AV), PAW (Peak), F, BPM, Battery level
• Real time waveform: Selectable Pressure or Flow
• DAY/NIGHT display mode: Yes
• Parameter settings: Single, Multi-Function Rotary Control
• Lock key function: Yes
• Pause functionYes
• Alarms (Visual and Audible): Gas Supply Pressure, Pmax, Pmin, Low Battery, BCI, Apnea, Leak, Vm min., Vm max.
• Audible silence: Yes, 120 seconds
• Dimensions (mm): 250 x 200 x 155
• Weight (Kg) with/without Battery: 2.4 / 1.70
The innovative e-Series Ventilators can be found at www.QuadMed.com!


Introducing the Thomas Select Tube Holder!

Similar in shape to the Thomas Tube Holder, a larger opening allows the Thomas Select Tube Holder to accommodate a wider range of Supraglottic Airway Devices (SGAs), Laryngeal Masks (LMAs) and endotracheal (ET) tubes. Combined with a push-screw mechanism tubes can be secured in a fast and efficient manner.

 Accommodates tube sizes 
  • = 6.5 mm (Inner Diameter) to 42 mm (Outer Diameter)
Large mouthpiece surface area 
  • Accommodates patients with removed dentures or facial trauma
Suction Port 
  • Large opening allow for view of patient's mouth and lip colour
  • Easy access for suctioning and other oral care needs
Wide Head Strap 
  • Hook and loop padded strap provides secure and comfortable fit; even when wet
Pliable Bit Block 
  • Unique construction to prevent the patient from biting or pinching the tube and restricting airflow. Pliable material to protect the teeth and gums.
Other specifications 
  • Designed in compliance with EN 1789:2007, Standard specification for medical vehicles and their equipment - Road ambulances.
  • REACH compliant
  • Not to be used on children less than 8 years old
  • Latex-free
  • Non sterile
  • Disposable - for single use of no more than 24 hours


Introducing RescueLift Transport Litters!

RescueLift offers a wide variety of transport litters which meet the specific needs of Fire/EMS Agencies, Law Enforcement Personnel, and Tactical Trauma responders starting at $60.00! Not only are these transport litters safe and efficient, they are also reusable! These innovative transport devices offer a compact, economical alternative to backboards, slide sheets, and physical lifting techniques.

The Tactical Litter is custom made for rapid deployment in situations where seconds count. Easily load, secure, and move a patient to a safe area. Designed to minimize the fatigue factor for the rescuer, the patient can be lifted or dragged to maintain an increased combat readiness. Litter weighs just 4.5 lbs. and rolls up to 15 “w x 7”h.
The Law Enforcement Litter was designed to allow officers to safely and rapidly remove injured patients from hostile or dangerous situations. The Litter will allow officers to reduce their fatigue factor when attempting to extricate a person thereby increasing their combat effectiveness in life threatening situations.
RescueLift Fire / EMS                                     
The Fire/EMS Litter was designed to help emergency and hospital personnel to safely and securely move a patient. A metal free design allows for the safe, secure and continuous treatment. This is the smart alternative to backboards, slide sheets, and potentially harmful lifting techniques.
RescueLift MCI offers S.T.A.R.T. and S.A.L.T. Triage colored litters with matching colored storage options. During a major incident there will be three types of people at the scene; those that run, those that are injured, and those that want to help the injured.
When using the RescueLift System, rescue personnel can safely move a patient from a prone, sitting position or confined space situation to a stretcher or chair. RescueLift can be used by 1 or more Paramedics, EMS, Fire, Police and Tactical personnel to rapidly and safely remove a patient from almost any situation.


Apex Pro Nitrile Exam Gloves

As emergency medical professionals, trustworthy gloves become a necessity. Since gloves are used for personal protection, they are imperative in ensuring germs are not transmitted from patients to emergency medical personnel. Germs can be transmitted through blood, bodily fluids, bodily tissues, mucous membranes, and broken skin. Without reliable gloves, medical professionals can be exposed to potentially harmful microbes and are more susceptible to serious illnesses.

The Apex Pro Nitrile Exam Gloves were designed with you in mind. The Apex Pro Exam Gloves offer the ultimate protection with their 2-Ply maximum strength design. For comfort, a pH balanced coating was added to reduce skin irritation and perspiration. These gloves also feature a non-stick coating which can resist bonding to the strong adhesive used on I.V. Dressings! Additionally, the Apex Pro’s offer easy detection of tears with a black interior, and its white exterior provides hi-vis contrast in the presence of potentially hazardous bodily fluids.

We understand that emergency medical professionals are put into dangerous situations in the line of duty, which is why we only offer top of the line, high quality equipment.

Puncture Resistance
pH Balanced Coating
EaseOff Non-Stick Formula
Hi-Vis Exterior
High Contrast Interior
Reduced Hand Fatigue
Improves Dexterity


SALE: VividTrac Video Laryngoscope!

The VividTrac Video Laryngoscope from Vivid Medical proves its superiority through its precise, high quality images. This device allows medical professionals to quickly and successfully intubate a patient, typically in the first attempt. This product is also equipped with an integrated ET tube channel, making the insertion of a pre-loaded ET tube without the use of a separate stylet seemingly effortless. Check out additional innovative features the VividTrac has to offer at QuadMed.com!

  • Superior Imaging
  • No Cleaning or Maintenance
  • Portable and Low Cost
  • No Neck Hyperextension
  • No Stylet Required
  • Built-In Anti-Fogging
  • No Battery
  • Made in the USA
  • Integrated standard USB cord (3ft)
  • Stainless Steel Blade (will not break!)
  • ETT Sizes 6.0mm to 8.5mm (Adult)
  • ETT Sizes 4.0mm to 6.0mm (Pediatric)
  • Integrated ET Tube Channel for Guiding

The VividTrac Video Laryngoscope is on sale for a limited time and can be found at www.QuadMed.com!


Featuring The ACR4 Ambulance Child Restraint from Quantum EMS!

Introducing the ACR4 Ambulance Child Restraint!
         The ACR4 Ambulance Child Restraint from Quantum EMS allows for safe transport of pediatric patients weighing 4-99 pounds. This product is equipped with four interchangeable restraints which are color-coded by size; these restraints are compatable with any cot.
  • X-Small: 4 - 11 pounds
  • Small: 11 - 26 pounds
  • Medium: 22 - 55 pounds
  • Large: 44 - 99 pounds

          Each of these fully adjustable harnesses allow for full airway access, all the way to the patients' waist. This allows first responders to perform time sensitive, lifesaving procedures without having to struggle to gain access through a thick harness.

Additional Features:
  • Machine washable
  • Quick-Release Chest Strap
  • Padded for patient comfort
  • Comes with a compact storage bag
  • Can be used in the flat or sitting position